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Allow Clients To Sell Products and Services On Your Marketplace

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Marketplace Platform

  • Multi Vendor store to sell Products

  • Multi Vendor Services Store

  • Multi Vendor Web Site Market Place

  • Vendor on board live access

  • Vendor Live acceptance access

  • Marketplace customer sign-up

  • Integrated delivery partners

  • Accept payments and appoint deliveries

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Market Place dashboard

• Web access, Login, CMS

• Content and image options editor

• Client base management and Reporting

• Accept ShopeSpot independent partner approval

• Accept ShopeSpot Marketplace store approval

• Billing reports, Sales Reports and a Wallet Option

• Email marketing and Billing Email Templates

• Setup response emailer

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Marketplace Billing Options

  • Membership billing month to month or per Annum

  • Percentage billing

  • Per click billing

  • Percentage billing

Get Started!

1. List Your Website

A business that advertises your expertise only, click to action is available.

2. Store Listing

List your website on the marketplace affording the opportunity to an end-user.

3. Product Listing

List your products under available categories, this can be viewed throughout your marketplace.

4. Service Listing

Listing your on-demand service. Requests are actioned via email or the partner dashboard.


Available For All Industries

Full customed Market Place Business Platform

We will assist you to startup your Marketplace, and training you to onboard your clients.



• Billing

• Accounts

• Delivery conformation

• Queries and complaints


• Web Content

• Legal

• Refunds

• Card Facilities

Electronic fulfillment:

• Delivery confirmation

• Billing and Invoicing

• Card Facilities

• Instant EFT business


• SEO Generator

• Digital Marketing

• Product SEO

• Marketplace Seller SEO

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